Melissa's Manifesto - our customer service queen

Melissa's Manifesto - our customer service queen

If you've purchased something online or called Lazybones HQ chances are you will have met Melissa.

She's our smiling, happy customer service queen.

No request is too much and she'll do everything in her power to make your shopping dreams come true.

Read on for Melissa's manifesto ;)

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Meet Annie: a beauty that brings us joy

Meet Annie: a beauty that brings us joy

It was a dream working with gorgeous Annie Sol.

Such a stunning young woman who moves with grace and light. Her thoughtfulness and passion shine through. 

We're in love!

1. You’re studying at the moment. Can you tell us more?

I am studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science through Southern Cross University. I've been undertaking my studies online, which has been both a tremendous challenge yet equally rewarding experience. I hope to commence my Masters Degree next year, wish me luck!

2. And you dance! What is your preferred style/genre?

Dancing is a way of life for me. Not only is it my main creative outlet but it's also how I stay fit & active. Dancing certainly keeps my mind, body & soul happy. If I had to choose my favourite genre I would say contemporary dance due to its nature, practically anything goes & you are free to express yourself however you feel in the moment. 

Annie wears Olivia dress in Rosalie

3. What are you most passionate about right now?
What inspires you daily?

I am passionate about many things - meditation, yoga, living consciously & sustainably to reduce our individual & collective impact on the earth, dancing, minimalism, immersing myself in nature, oceans & rainforests, animals - especially my black cat Django, plant based foods that nourish my body & clean water to name more than a few. 

4. If you had the opportunity to change one thing with the wave of your magic wand what would it be?

I would change the way we treat ourselves, each other & the planet. I would instil more love, compassion & acceptance in every human being so we can open our eyes & our hearts to the miracle that is life & how truly blessed we are to be alive in such uncertain yet monumental times. Positive changes are already happening, I can feel it! 

5. We love how you expressed to us about your heritage and we felt your pride and confidence. Would you be happy to share with us a little about your background? 

My ethnicity is Ecuadorian-Australian. I was born in Ecuador & moved to Australia with my immediate kin when I was less than a year old. I've travelled back to Ecuador many times & during my most recent trip I lived over there for a year, completely immersing myself in Latin-American culture, relishing in my families company & soaking in all that it means to be Ecuadorian. I feel very blessed to have dual nationalities. 

6. Do you have a daily mantra?

I would say the closest thing to my daily mantra would be to "live every day to its fullest potential".

Find Annie on instagram @anniesolsista

 Annie wears Jane dress in Jasper

Meet Nicola: more than meets the eye

Meet Nicola: more than meets the eye

Nicola travelled up the coast from Coffs Harbour to work with us.

She brought warmth and smiles with her and shares some of her story here.


When you're not modelling you work as a digital creative. What inspires your work?

My husband is a graphic designer and I’m the digital marketing and social media maestro!

I love helping businesses go from strength to strength, with great branding, website and social media presence ☺

Nicola wears Fabian dress

You mentioned “Hashys” do you feel comfortable sharing more about this with us?

I do have Hashimoto’s which is an autoimmune disease of the thyroid. Basically, my body (antibodies) attacks the thyroid and it causes hypothyroidism, which means there isn’t enough thyroid hormone being produced, which affects your whole body!

I manage it via medication and a very strict diet. It runs in our family, so at least I have close support! However, I’m a massive party-pooper when eating out – it’s not easy!


Is there anything you would tell your child self to help make life easier?

Don’t worry about those that put you down, make fun of you or treat you unfairly.
Just focus on your life and what you want to do, and that ‘noise’ just fades into the background.

Nicola wears Missy dress 

Tell us about your furry family (and humans too if you like) :)

My husband and I have 4 dogs (what where we thinking!?) however we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have Zoe, the top dog (shih tzu) and quite the little boss.

Next is Coco, the 2IC (whippet)  and the stealth Ninja, she is so quiet and very snuggly.

Next in line is Isabella, an Italian Greyhound who we call Wobbles. She had a cluster seizure a few years ago and survived but had to learn to walk, eat etc again. We nursed her back to health but she is still a bit wobbly on her feet. She enjoys hugging you to death at every opportunity.

And lastly, Valentino, the baby and the only boy. Another Italian Greyhound who demands your attention 24/7. He’s very sweet and always trying to please ☺


What are you most grateful for today?

The fact that my husband and I have grown our business to where it is today which means I can structure my days as I like, and be able to indulge in modelling shoots, such as with Lazybones!


Thanks Nicola.

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Nicola wears Claire dress in Tigerlily