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An Apple a Day & DIY hand sanitiser

An Apple a Day & DIY hand sanitiser

Firstly, we hope you are safe and well.

We are choosing to stay positive and focus on wellness and calm at this time.
Our immune systems work better with less stress.

As you know, the best way to keep your hands clean is to wash them for at least 20 seconds (there’s a lot of happy birthday singing happening globally right now)!

But just in case you don't have access to running water here's a little DIY hand sanitiser recipe. This also needs to be used for 20 seconds.

If you have dermatological or other conditions please check with your doctor before using this.

Thanks to the good people at Brunswick Heads Pharmacy for this recipe.


Methylated spirits
Aloe vera gel
Thoroughly washed & dried empty bottle with pump or resealable lid

For 100ml of hand sanitiser

Mix 70ml of Methylated spirits with 30g Aloe vera gel

This method will yield 66.5% alcohol content which is above the US CDC recommendation of minimum 60% alcohol.