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It's time for Nature

It's time for Nature

From bushfires, to the global pandemic and now heart wrenching stories of social injustice.

Where do we turn in a world gone crazy?

Have you ever felt a sense of peace watching a sunset, or finding a frog in your garden, or watching a butterfly flutter from one flower to the next?

Or sat under a tree and felt that all was well and that you were getting a gentle hug?

Looked out onto the ocean at the waves going in and out and felt the rhythm of your own heart?

Today is World Environment Day.

If you are a regular Lazybones lover you'll know we feel very strongly about The Natural World.

We are taking steps to be as sustainable as possible.

Many of our pieces are inspired by nature.

Recently for Biodiversity Day we made a donation to the Australian Conservation Foundation.

We donated to Thread Together who provide clothing to people who need support in our communities. 

We are making smaller runs and limited edition pieces.

We are supporting local crafts people.

We choose to be more loving and kind to the people around us and our environment.

We hope for change environmentally and socially.




Image thanks to Stephen Hocking.