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The art of hand making - Meet Lily the Rag Doll kit

The art of hand making - Meet Lily the Rag Doll kit

Meet Lily Rag doll, she's the cutest doll that you can make yourself.

Find out more about the inspiration behind this sweet DIY kit.

1. How/why was this Rag Doll kit idea born?

During COVID-19 our Lazybones Brunswick Heads store had to close it's doors.

At this time we wanted to support our store ladies, so we thought of interesting projects to keep them busy and connected to the Lazybones team.

Part of this was a renovation and new look for our physical store.

Another was using our existing stock to create brand new products... more on this soon!

And another was creating new DIY kits.

Trace is part of our store team and loves to "make and create", she collaborated with Tracey our Creative Director to come up with the Lazybones Rag Doll.

Then Cathy our Product Developer made sure the pattern pieces and instructions were simple and easy to follow and Erin our Graphic Designer added the finishing touches to the Rag Doll kit.

We photographed Lily the Rag doll with Tricia and Antonella who also work at our Bruns store and gorgeous Zayla, Antonella's daughter & Tricia's grand daughter. A special mix of intergenerational craft fun.

This was a labour of love with many different rag dolls and outfits travelling back and forth through emails and photos until we felt we had just the right look for our doll.

You can see some of the iterations of her in the photos below.

The kits are all assembled in our office so just about everyone at Lazybones HQ has contributed to them either by stamping and constructing boxes, cutting lengths of ribbon, folding instructions and so on.

Such a huge team effort!

Lily the Rag doll kit was born... Now it's up to our Lazybones customers to bring her to life.

2. Tell us more about the attraction and importance of hand making.

During lockdown there was a remembering of the joy and relaxation brought about by crafting and handmaking.

People were baking sourdough, renovating their homes and getting out in the garden.

It felt like a common connection that all of us could engage in during times of change and uncertainty.

Slowing down and taking time, not rushing to get things done but noticing time passing from our windows and observing more... and crafting!

Having time to get into projects that had been pushed aside because we were always too busy.

Hand making is about connecting to your body, your senses and feelings.

And what a sense of achievement when you see what you have created with your own hands!

3. Is this Rag Doll kit simple enough for everyone? Including kids?

Yes absolutely!
This DIY kit is suitable for anyone 8 years and up, although children under 12 may require adult supervision.

It is suitable for beginners with basic sewing skills.

4. What do I need to provide myself? 

Most of the items you need are provided for you in the kit, but you will  need the following:

Wool or soft filling (can be purchased from us)

Cream cotton thread 

Brown cotton thread
A sewing machine
 OR hand sewing equipment

An iron

A safety pin

An old paintbrush or chopstick for stuffing

Find out more about Lily rag doll kit >

Thanks and happy making :)

Rag dolls in progress
Rag doll dress
Dolls in the making
Pretty plaits
Dolls in progress
Trace sewing
Waiting patiently
Fancy fur doll
Eyes and feet sketches

And here's some pics from our photo shoot :)

Join Tricia, Zayla and Antonella, for some intergenerational crafting fun...

Tricia, Zayla & Antonella with Lily the Rag doll
Zayla with Lily the Rag doll
Tricia & Zayla with Lily the Rag doll
Lily the Rag doll in construction