Garment bags

We are committed to reducing single use plastics.

We aim to make all of our garment bags biodegradable. Currently we have different suppliers and our garments come to us in different types of bags. 

Bags from one of our suppliers are certified biodegradable and compostable. They do not contain any micro plastics and are made from Cassava root vegetable starch. They will degrade in 60-90 days in your home compost.

Another bag we use at the moment is the D2W oxo biodegradable bag. These bags were found to be degradable, biodegradable, non eco-toxic and have no micro plastics.


Postage bags

We use dirt bags by The Better Packaging Company. We love them!
They are home compostable and they are the real deal. Safe for worms.

If you have an item to return to us please just turn your dirt bag inside out and use it again!


Lip balms

Handmade with love at Lazybones HQ and using compostable recycled cardboard tubes.



Also handmade with love at Lazybones HQ and using glass jars.



Seeking sustainable bedding packaging solutions!

Finding the best options for our bedding is a work in progress. We have been unable to find large enough non plastic transparent bags that have a long enough shelf life.

If you have a solution please let us know!


Swing tags

Currently we're using up the last of our old swing tags and are moving to recycled, unbleached, FSC certified tags.