Our suppliers

I made your clothes

1. GOTS certified fair trade organic cotton factory in India.

They make a large percentage of our garments and all of our Rosette bedding.

This particular factory is family run and has been in operation since the 1930’s.

Almost 20 years ago they decided to operate in a more socially and ecologically responsible way.

They gained fair trade certification and started using only organic cotton.

We’ve visited them and were uplifted by the worker’s conditions and wellbeing and the fact they are treated with kindness and care.

The entire product from this factory is fair trade organic cotton GOTS certified.

2. Sedex certified factory also in India that makes our garments.

They use certified organic cotton and BCI certified fabrics.
They also have a stunning sustainable viscose called

Livaeco is 100% sustainable and traceable. It comes from FSC certified forests and printing is free of any hazardous chemicals. 

Their cotton garments are made from GOTS certified fabrics. They are Oeko Tex certified for dyeing solid colours. Printing is free from hazardous chemicals. 

BCI is the Better Cotton Initiative, a not for profit organisation that through cooperation with like-minded organisations have defined a better, more sustainable way of growing cotton.

The BCI certified fabrics are used in some of our garments and use Azo free dyes which contain no hazardous chemicals.


3. Family run factory in Indonesia who work with our surplus fabrics.

Some of your favourite cotton prints are made into hair accessories, top sheets, cushions, coat hanger covers and some dresses.

Once this stock cotton is sold through we will not be repeating these prints and new prints will be made using organic cotton or a more sustainable fabric alternative.

We have built a 15 year relationship with this factory. They support local woman to work from home and be with their families.


4. Local Production

We support our local craftspeople. By employing experts in pattern making, cutting, sewing and more we can make our smaller ranges and limited edition pieces.

This is a new direction that we have been wanting to focus our attention on for some time. There are so many benefits to using the talented people in our local area. Less waste as we don't need to make so many items to fulfill large scale factories quotas, less fuel consumption and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere, greater quality control as items are made in-house or nearby, supporting the regional economy (we're not located in a big city!) and collaboration with our local people and being able to make smaller ranges.

We have been working with two local studios who have produced our new cushions, garlands and tote bags. We are developing new garments for them to produce as well. During Covid-19 when we were staying home, we trained some of our shop staff to sew and make all sorts of items to be released in the coming months. It has been a fruitful time.


5. Third party products

When we source products from other companies or individuals we want to make sure they are ethically made.

Even down to the packaging they use to get their product to us is important to us. Every little bit of environmental awareness helps!