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Meet Mel: deep diving beauty

Meet Mel: deep diving beauty

Mel modelled for us with her Mum, Illumina.

We loved working with a mother /daughter duo.

Mel is a breath of fresh air.

Mel wears Becky dress in Ink & Illumina wears Oakleigh top in Blossom

Looks like you're an ocean lover.
Can you share some insight on this?

I have always grown up by the ocean, and for me it has always been a soothing, calming, cleansing remedy.

Whatever stresses I am holding I feel so much more balanced and centred after a swim in the ocean.

Plus, the vitamin D from the sun, and all the minerals and negative ions in the ocean water are so beneficial for health!

Mel wears Fara top in Beluga with Nikki jeans

Most loved overseas travel destination and why?

Ko Tao in Thailand - a tiny island with no cars and a stunning collection of beaches to explore.

Peaceful, quiet, and nothing much to do except swim, eat and nap.

I spent 10 days there one time and I have never been more relaxed in my life. 

Mel wears Doris top in Shady Green over Clarita dress

Do you have a daily practice or ritual that helps to keep you centred during these strange times?

For me exercise is the best thing to move energy and ground and centre me.

I love my online Pilates classes, or even just picking a random workout on YouTube if I’m feeling bored of a type of workout.

I try to do something every single morning while in lockdown, even just 15 mins makes me feel a million times better! 

Mel wears Doris top in Shady green over Clarita dress and Illumina wears Fara top & Nikki jeans

What is a book or author or poet that has deeply inspired you or continues to inspire you?

Dying to be me by Anita Moorjani.

Everyone I have ever recommended this book to has said it touched their lives.

It’s a profound book about a woman’s journey to the brink of death with cancer and back to full health.

It’s a book that allows you to see the bigger picture of life, and gives you permission to be completely yourself and release conditioning and fear that keeps you living a life that isn’t your hearts calling.

It also allowed me to have full compassion for other humans living their own individual journeys. 

Mel wears Waverley dress in Pasadena and Illumina wears Doris top in Ink

What's the best thing about working together as mother and daughter on photo shoots?

My mum is a continual source of playful and light-hearted energy and she keeps me from getting too serious about things.

Her presence reminds me to have fun and laugh, including on a shoot.

She’s an absolute goofball and luckily I love hanging out with her!

Find Mel on insta @melrosetaylor

Photography by Camila @camilatassinophotography

Mel wears Jilly dress in Piazza