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Meet Illumina: shining bright

Meet Illumina: shining bright

Meet Illumina, she's a beautiful person inside and out.

We love having her on our photo shoots, she brings a sense of fun and joy.

And she's an absolute stunner!

Read on to find out more :)

Illumina wears Fara top with Ollie pant

We see you've been to the Himalayas! As we won't be travelling anywhere for a little while, can you share with us a memorable moment or paint a little picture for us from your journey?

Ah, so much beauty and memorable moments!

I cherish the simplicity of life in those mountains. Its so raw and sacred. So present and in some ways harsh.

For Himalayan people, each day can be a matter of life or death. They live with the reality of both and I appreciate that it is all valued and not denied. They are also very attuned to nature and instinct which means survival.

Those mountains are still calling. 

For me they are an ancient home and a part of me yearns to live at that level of simplicity with the mountain people, discover and traipse all over those hills again, and be very still.

Illumina wears Esma top in Seaside with Nikki jeans

What is a book or author or poet that has deeply inspired you or continues to inspire you?

My favourite books are the ones that have pierced my everything with the most profound truth of existence.

They’ve opened my heart, shattered my illusory beliefs, made me cry ~ one phrase at a time.

I found JJ Krishnamurti’s books at a time of existential awakening in my mid twenties, when I suddenly asked the Mystery of Life at a very challenging time ~ What is the truth of love?

Immediately I found 2 of Krishnamurti’s books in a garage sale. His penetrating truth helped me to drop many limiting ideas that were once societal conditioning. 

Things I had purposefully drummed up as dreams, ways of perceiving life and relationships were suddenly up for profound questioning.

Another extremely powerful book that came later for me was, and is An Autobiogaphy of a Yogi. Rich!! That is by Paramahansa Yogananda ~ where I may deliberate on one page for days.

And I cannot leave out the third treasure, which is Immortal Self by Aaravinda Himadra. Absolute existential poetry, a book I would go back a few pages before I’d close it to extend the deep absorption of its indescribable beauty.  

An interesting thing they each have in common is the ancient Yogi / Himalaya factor.

It was no accident that I had become such a deep seeker of existential truth as it later lead me to a powerful path of Self Mastery, developing unusual gifts and becoming a teacher of transformation around relationships of all kinds, from the most intimate to one’s relationship with the world, and our Source. 

There is also a book on its way ~ a book I have lived about the initiations of Divine Union.

Illumina wears Ollie pant in Woodrose

Tell us more about what being an Elder means to you.

To me, Elder means that a man or woman has embraced some of the stronger initiations throughout the seasons of their life without bitterness.

They have chosen to gain wisdom from these lessons. Due to an attitude of self responsibility and the willingness to recognise that within is a great spiritual power that grows and welcomes new challenges with love and forgiveness, they have a willingness to discover the mirror within that is reflected in the outer reality of one’s life.

This is the way to develop compassion.

An attitude such as this will cause one to embody and emanate Eldership. In this way, Elders can be of service to the generations that come after them.

Illumina wears Faith dress in Woodrose

Do you have a daily practice or ritual that helps to keep you centred during these strange times?

Quiet reflection and recognition of the Source within and around me is a powerful and natural practice for me.

I've spent many years in full dedication to transformation and that created a sense of presence to be easily experienced which serves me well today.

I love to dance and laugh, its one way of shaking off being still and focussed on something. 

Whilst I am a little nutty and light I am also very deep ~ lol!!

Swimming is one way I keep reasonably fit. I find movement uplifting and it has always been important for me in life.

I love physical challenges. I deeply value my health and clarity.

Illumina wears becky dress in Shady green

What's the best thing about working together as mother and daughter on photo shoots?

I love being with my daughter and we share some of the deeper spiritual and wellness interests, and modelling is one of the simpler things we both happen to enjoy!

Illumina wears Nikki jeans with Fara top

Find Illumina on insta @illuminachristos

and big thanks to @silverfoxmgmt for introducing us to Illumina

Photography by Camila @camilatassinophotography