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Fashion Revolution & Lazybones

Fashion Revolution & Lazybones

At Lazybones our love for beautiful mother earth drives most of what we do... from creating and imagining new collections to walking gently on her with care and kindness.

It's the anniversary of the Rama Plaza disaster so many fashion brands are joining together to create a revolution. A Fashion Revolution.

So what are we doing at Lazybones to create a change?

Here's a few things:

- From day one we've required any factory we work with to treat their workers fairly.

- Now one of our main factories has official Fair Trade certification as well as only using certified organic fabrics.

- Our other factories all have very strong programs to look after their employees, one of them even has a staff veggie garden on their roof which they use to prepare communal lunches.

- We've personally visited our main supplier several times and have seen that they work in a way aligned with our own ethics.

- This factory supports it's workers and creates positive outcomes for their families. We shared the story of "Who made your clothes" in a previous blog.

- We use surplus fabric that would otherwise go to landfill to create new products, ie. our garlands

- We are transitioning to organic fabrics where possible. We understand this won't solve all the issues but with less pesticides and fungicides in our water that has to be a positive start.

- At Lazybones HQ in Northern NSW we have solar hot water, use tank water and recycle where we can... and we have a worm farm!

- We also sell our excess fabrics to our lovely crafty lazy ladies ;)