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Who made your clothes?

Who made your clothes?

Have you heard of the Fashion Revolution?

It's a global movement that believes in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.

On our recent trip to India visiting our factories, we wanted to meet the people who make our clothes.

We met these two ladies Rina and Suman who are tailors.
We also met Mahendra who is a pattern maker.

Read more about these workers and their stories below. It's worth it!


Rina - I made your clothes

Meet Rina - Tailor

After the death of Rina’s husband life became even more of a struggle. Her husband suffered from cancer. He worked at the factory as an embroidery master. She was married at the age of 18 and blessed with 1 daughter & 1 son but after 5 years of marriage she lost her husband. She didn’t receive any family support.

Rina decided to start work at her husband’s factory. She left her children at her mother’s house. At the factory she began learning to sew for 6 months and then continued her job there. The organisation supports Rina in every way and finances her children’s studies too. She is currently living in a rented room.

Her greatest wish is to make her own little house so she can live with her children peacefully and happily.


Suman - I Made your clothes

Meet Suman - Tailor

Suman was married at the age of 12 after completing her 8th grade at school. Her family was not financially strong and her husband wasn't earning much. She decided to transform her interest in sewing into a profession. Her husband didn’t want her to work. But Suman wanted a better future, so she started working to improve their livelihood. She ended up teaching her husband how to sew.

Now they are both in the same profession. She has been blessed with 2 sons and the finance on their studies has been provided by the organisation. Suman feels very happy & satisfied with her work. She believes in her CEO’s smile and it brings her pleasure to see her happy.


I made your clothes Mahender

Meet Mahendra - Pattern Maker

Mahendra had a very rough childhood but big dreams to become a pattern master. His father was a painter and the only person to earn money to feed 8 family members. His father was earning only 50-60 rupees per day (approximately $1AUD).

Mahendra is the eldest of his siblings. He decided to work rather than study. He dropped his studies after 5th grade and at age 10 began learning to sew. For 3 years he learned sewing from a friend of a friend.

He then moved to Delhi to stay with his grandfather and started working as a tailor in a company for 2 years. His wages were very low but he persisted. After that he moved again to live with his uncle and aunt for more work an hour outside of Delhi . He spent 4 years working in another company and earned approximately $6AUD a day.

A turning point came when he met the head pattern master at a good company where he received his first monthly salary. From that company he came to know about our factory. He began work as a tailor but wanted to fulfil his dream of becoming a pattern master.

He carried sketches from the director and practiced all night to become more skilled in pattern making. The Director, Commercial Head and most importantly the CEO encouraged Mahendra to follow his inspiration.

She (the CEO) helped Mahendra and 3 of his sisters by assisting with wedding and marriage preparations. He also gained financial support with a loan to repair his house. He finds happiness working with this organisation.


We're taking steps to make sure that we're doing our best to make sure our workers and planet are taken care of.

What can you do?
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