Livaeco Sustainable Viscose

What is Livaeco?

This beautiful fabric has a soft touch and lovely drape. A natural based fabric that gives garments a unique combination of fluidity and luxurious softness.

Livaeco helps save water, maintain forest cover, is FSC® certified, biodegrades fast and reduces CO2 emission.

Livaeco benefits

How is Livaeco better than other fabrics?

Benefits of Livaeco

100% Sustainable & responsible forestry

Lowest water consumption
The process of making Livaeco saves 900 litres of water per garment compared to other natural fibres.

Lowest greenhouse gas emissions
300 grams less green house gases are emitted in the process of making a Livaeco garment as compared to competing natural fibres.

Fastest bio-degradability
Biodegrades completely within 6 weeks under the correct conditions - soil, marine, water or compost.

Traceability of source
Molecular tracer helps in tracing garments to source at any stage. Downstream traceability through a web enabled system.


What is the manufacturing process of Livaeco?

The manufacturing process of Livaeco is a closed loop process, extensive R&D has led the manufacturer to make a series of changes in the process which has enabled it to be more environmental friendly.

What is the tracer?

The journey of every Livaeco tagged garment can be traced to its origin at fibre stage. Simply scan the QR code on the Livaeco swing tag and find out more about your garment.


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