Lazybones Street edition 3

With heartfelt thanks to the following beautiful people for contributing their time and effort to making Street happen:

All the lovely people from Junk Gypsy
Amanda from Sugar Plum Cakes & Desserts
Cara from Modern Love Ceremonies
Simon and the team at Miz Mooz
Sammi & Jenni from Casual Laguna USA

and from Lazybones…
Styling queens Tricia & Ashlee
In house style wonder and crafter extraordinaire Virginia
Spontaneous models Maree, Kristel, Ashlee, Virginia & Erin
Photography by Stephen Hocking (unless otherwise noted)
And additional thank you to Adam and Rebecca.

Creative team: Tracey Hocking, Virginia Weir, Erin Knowles, Nicky McLaughlin and Eloise Corlett