A smaller footprint at Lazybones HQ

Lazybones HQ view


Supporting our local worm population since 2008.

And this juicy lovely stuff goes back into the veggie garden and brings us parsley, tomatoes, silver beet, citrus by the bucket load and some very pretty flowers thanks to resident green thumb, Eric.


Solar hot water

Oh yeah it’s very hot water actually… we collect the sun’s rays and make it into hot water. Really everyone is doing this right? It’s so 1999.


Rain water tank

With all the rain fall that happens around this Northern Rivers region we make sure we’re collecting it and using it wisely.



We have very serious recycling police here at Lazybones HQ and you don’t want to mess with them.


Who Gives A Crap?

We do! So we use toilet paper that donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets in developing countries. Also they don’t use any plastic in their packaging.


Garment care

We advise our customers to care for their garments & bedding using cold water washes and plant based earth friendly detergent. Also drying in the shade extends the life of clothing.

This way we’re purchasing less and giving our favourite clothes an extended long life!

Link to laundry page >


Dog friendly work place

We are super lucky to be a work place that loves the four legged amongst us.

This may not relate to environmentally friendliness but it sure keeps us uplifted with plenty of doggy silliness to enjoy.

Elsie & Lily