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ReMade for renewal

ReMade for renewal

We are so happy to release our new ReMade garments.

We had a surplus of some of our favourite styles. We loved them so much that we wanted to see if we could make them new again.

A few garments have been completely ReMade and some have been embellished with hand embroidery.

Beautiful French linen and organic cotton have been hand embroidered or hand sewn to revitalise and renew them.

We wanted to jump off the way of thinking that pushes us to make more new things rather than look at what we have on hand and give them a fresh chance.

Each one of our ReMade styles has been lovingly given a new life. 

We've added hand stitched pops of colour and other details to create texture and dimension to these pieces... and create a sweet handmade feel!

Here's some images of our new ReMade styles and the busy bees at HQ.

Jenny dress ReMade

Bella jacket in Umber

Tilly top in Fig

Tilly top in Olive

Ally patchwork tee

 Becky dress in Macchiato - ReMade

Bella jacket in Carbon ReMade

Becky dress in Macchiato ReMade