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Our beautiful body shapes

Our beautiful body shapes

We're all different shapes and sizes... thanks goddess for that!

To try to make fitting easier for you, we've come up with a little visual guide to help you work out which garments suit your body shape.

We're making a start on this from August 2019.

There are five standard body shapes that we refer to.

Some of us are of course a lovely unique combo of all or some of these shapes!


Strawberry body shape A strawberry or inverted triangle body shape means your bust and /or shoulders are larger than your hips.

This can be an athletic type figure with broad shoulders and narrow hips. You may have a flattish bottom. Show off your lovely legs or add some volume to the bottom half of your body with a fit and flare dress.



Column body shapeA column body shape has similar measurements at the bust, waist and hips. The least curvy of the body shapes.

Legs and arms are typically slender with a small to medium bust. This body shape can benefit from highlighting the waist to create a curvaceous silhouette.

Clothes with drape and flow around the hemline can soften the straight lines.


Pear body shapeA pear shaped body has a petite but well defined bust & narrow shoulders.

Your waist is shapely with a lovely curvy butt, thighs & full hips.

Dressing a pear shaped body is about bringing attention to the top half of your body & really accentuating your well defined waist. 



Hourglass body shapeAn hourglass body shape has a similar size full bust and hips with a well defined waist. 

A curvy feminine shape.

You most likely have a balanced proportional body shape.

Accentuate your waist and show off your curves!


Apple body shape
An apple body shape has a roundish figure.

An apple doesn't have much of a waist but can have slender limbs. Remember to show off your best assets!

A full figured Venus of Willendorf type. All the better for cuddles.


You may also have wide hips and full upper thighs.