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Meet Rose - heart inspired creative

Meet Rose - heart inspired creative

You may recognise Rose as one of our gorgeous models wearing Lazybones for our online store.

Not only is she beautiful but she's also a talented artist with a unique creative streak. She's shared some of her artwork with us.

Rose Ashton artwork

We asked Rose a few questions to learn more...

Rose Ashton

30 something

Current Location:
Sydney by the beach

Where do you call home?
Where my heart is, and Australia

Daily Mantra?
Yes!! Lets be grateful!!

You cannot live without?
Food. Good Food.


What do you do for relaxation?
I love to read and be in the sun. To cook and to eat. 

Latest inspiration?
My heart

Favourite artist?
Picasso, Matisse, Da
Vinci... and everyone else.

Can you give us 5 things on your bucket list?
The Northern Lights, learning a new language, cooking well all the time, to play an instrument and Nepal

In 12 months time I will be?
The best part of that, is I honestly do not know. Smiling a lot somewhere i hope.

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Rose Ashton artwork 

Rose Ashton artwork