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Meet Nadine: activist & cupid

Meet Nadine: activist & cupid

In Nadine's own words, "Nature is my religion".

Read on to find out more about this passionate activist. Some inspiring advice to take action rather than dwell in anxiety.

Lets stand together and fight for our planet's wellbeing!

And not only that let's get married 💕

 Nadine wears Becky dress

You're not just a model, but have many hats, including Creative Director and Marriage Celebrant. 
What inspires your drive and gets you up in the morning?

Life in general inspires me. 

A few people in my life have died in the past few years, so I feel it’s a privilege to have reached the age I have when others have not.

I want to seize the day, as they say.

For many years I worked full time for one company in a very demanding role and now I’m enjoying doing my own thing, working from home and loving ‘the mix’ of things I’m doing rather than just one thing.

Also a major focus for me is working with like-minded people on fun and interesting projects that bring me energy rather than dealing with tricky people and projects that deplete me.

Nadine wears Doris top in Warm white 

Tell us more about "Colour is my Super Power". What is it and what inspired you to come up with this concept and produce it?

One of my clients is Saint Cloche art gallery in Paddington and they were taking part in Sydney Contemporary 2019.

They wanted to create an event that accurately reflected them and the artist whose work was being displayed at their booth – a bold, colourful solo show by emerging artist, Evi O. 

I came up with the idea of having a panel discussion on the topic – Colour is My Super Power.

We invited different people to be on the panel who represented different industries and all used colour as their ‘Super Power’ in their chosen field.

Tim Ross moderated the discussion and it was great!


Nadine wears Fara top in Beluga

Most memorable wedding as a Marriage Celebrant?

The most memorable would definitely be my first ceremony which was for my son Josh and his wife Hannah. 

They were the reason I studied and became a celebrant in the first place as they asked me to officiate at their wedding. 

I had never thought about being a Celebrant before that. It was such an honour for me to perform their marriage ceremony. 

Another highlight for me as Celebrant was when legislation in Australia changed to allow same-sex marriage – such a joy to be able to marry people who had been waiting for so long to be able to make that commitment.  

 Nadine wears Fara top in Dusty Rose with Phoebe pant

Now that it's official we're in a Code Red for our planet (after the latest IPCC report) what do you think are the most important things we can do as individuals and communities at this time?

VOTE! Use your voting power to back those that have a strong climate policy and will take action on Climate Change.

Fund climate action by joining a climate advocacy group like Groundswell Giving who are doing amazing work.

Join a ‘Voices of…’ community group - there are many community groups across Australia, typically named “Voices of” or “Voices for” that are getting conversations started about the kind of policy changes they would like to see in their electoral area and the whole country. 

All over Australia grassroots organisations are forming to have more say in democracy. 
Back an independent local candidate that you believe in who has a good policy platform and will make a difference by taking your community’s voice to Canberra – volunteer to be part of their team – get involved and help make things happen. 

Nadine wears Yolanda cardi

Lastly, with all the uncertainty with a global pandemic and climate change, how do you stay centred and optimistic?

By doing all the things in question no. 4 – getting active rather than anxious!

You meet so many like-minded, great people who are all trying to make a difference and ARE making a difference.  

It’s time for ‘People Power’ and it is really happening – it’s a force, a movement, a groundswell and it is on the rise!! 

Things are going to change.

Politicians say one thing and do another – there’s no integrity and accountability in government these days.

I stay optimistic by getting involved and networking with people that are doing amazing things, from starting a seaweed farm to being courageous enough to put their hand up to run as an independent at the next election.

There’s a lot of good people doing their best to save the future for generations to come.

It’s an exciting time to be alive –  some say, the tipping point of humanity.


Find out more about Nadine by visiting her website or following her on instagram

And a big thanks to @silverfoxmgmt for introducing us to Nadine

Photography by Camila @camilatassinophotography

Nadine wears Becky dress in Ink