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Meet Miyuki: inspirational authentic stunt mama

Meet Miyuki: inspirational authentic stunt mama

We met Miyuki earlier this month when she came to Lazybones HQ to model for us.

Her joy and enthusiasm were super special so we wanted to share a little of her story with you.

Miyuki in Annabelle top

1. You are a woman of many talents!
Please tell us more about being a stunt woman.

It's a fun job! I absolutely LOVE being on set. It can also be a demanding job. Being contracted to a film or TV show often consists of early morning starts, 10-16hr days, and production rarely manages to follow schedule. You have great days and then you can have challenging days.

A lot of what happens on set is out of your control and you learn very quickly that you are just a small part of this massive well-oiled machine. There's a real camaraderie amongst the stunt team and I'm inclined to be a team player. Because of this, I always try my best to dedicate 100% of my energy to the factors that I can control like my professionalism, performance, on-set etiquette and self care.

I love my job. If anybody is thinking of a career in stunts, I say, 'Go For It!!'


2. You grew up in Tasmania and also spoke a bit about your grandparents in Japan. We’d love to hear more about your unique story.

My mother is Japanese and my father is Zimbabwean. They met in the early 80s at a fancy Tokyo disco where Duran Duran was playing.

My father was on his way back to South Africa after a seven year stint of travelling the world. He was about to embark on his dream to study medicine at Cape Town University.

After a year of love letters, my mother decided to follow him there. They soon married however, had to marry in Zimbabwe due to South Africa still being under Apartheid law. They married for ten Zimbabwean dollars. (My father says its the best investment he's ever made...they've been married for 36 years).

Apartheid was still in power when both my sister and myself were born. We were classed as number 10 on our birth certificates.

"Other Asian" was the nationality given to us and my parents needed to get police permission in order to have us live in the same household as them.

We escaped from South Africa in 1989 due to Apartheid and migrated to Tasmania. We stayed there until 1994 when we moved to the Gold Coast. I have extremely fond memories of my childhood in Tasmania and am aching for a return visit one day with my partner and kids. 


3. Do you have a favourite quote that resonates with you at the moment?

Oh, I have a few!! [Laughs] I'll give you my top three...

1. "Well-behaved women seldom make history." -- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

2. "Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have." -- Buddha

3. "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count; it's the life in your years." -- Abraham Lincoln


4. What is the best thing you’ve learnt from being a parent?

That I don't own my child.

He is not a possession. His soul is his own and he will teach me who he is. It is my job to guide him and listen to him so that I may help him invest in his full potential.

Also, if you want to teach your children what a good example is, then you must lead by good example yourself.


5. What are you most grateful for today?

My health.

My partner and the unconditional love we share.

My family and the harmonious home we are building.

My trusted friendships.

The Universe, for constantly having my back.

Eco warriors doing their thing through their respective brands and/or products.

And tea...I absolutely love tea! (Fair trade, of course!)


6. Anything else you’d like to share with us and the Lazybones peeps?

You'll never go wrong if you invest kindly, wisely and patiently with yourself.

You are the centre of your Universe and everything starts with self. The more love, harmony, balance, compassion and acceptance you give yourself, the more capable you are to give it to those around you.

Boundaries are a good thing when they are coming from a place of love, not fear. Invest in becoming your own Soul Mate.

Read. Dance. Sing. Remember to connect with nature.

Surround yourself with higher vibing people, places, music, art, literature, food, all of it. There's a lesson in every situation so don't be afraid to lean in and learn it.

There's strength in Vulnerability. There's admiration in Authenticity.

Have the courage to live your best life and your tribe will follow, if not, find you.


Miyuki in Rosemary dress

Miyuki wears Rosemary dress with our Annabelle top.

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