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Meet Melissa - our customer service queen

Meet Melissa - our customer service queen

If you've bought something online at Lazybones or called up with a phone order then most likely you've had a chat with Melissa.

She's our customer service queen.

A superhero of sales; she attends to your orders like a flash of lightning, resolves your issues like a master problem solver and always manages to see the lighter side of life with a smile on her face.

So we wanted to ask her a couple of questions...

1. All time fave Lazybones style or print?

Too many styles and prints to mention but I am partial to an Ava Cardi.

Melissa customer service queen

2. What inspires you?  

I am inspired by bold retro fabric prints, anything Mid Century Modern décor, creative people and strong, independent women…a bit like myself really! ;)

3. Favourite part of your job?

The location. 

I love my commute to work along country roads to a beautiful part of the world, where I get to commune with nature and beautiful creative souls every day.  

I also believe I do make a difference to people’s lives even though some would say we are just selling clothes, pretty dresses and personal interaction can make a big difference to a woman’s self-esteem especially if she is going through a hard time.  

4. What do you like to do on your days off? 

On my days off I like to go tech free, ignore the clock and spend time with my family and fur babies in my cute cottage and garden.  I like to have long leisurely breakfasts on my deck with a book and good coffee. 

I am a late bloomer and have just started learning the Cello so you may find me in my sun room trying to coax decent sounds out of “Isabella”. 

5. What’s your secret to being such an amazing customer service goddess?

My secret to customer service is empathy, a helping attitude and too-many-years-to-count of experience in similar roles.

6. What can’t you live without?

Lindt white chocolate, Code Cracker puzzles, Earl Grey tea with Echinacea, Blend 11 Seed Mix (totally addicted) and my moggy Miss Molly & golden retriever Indiana Jones.

7. Tell us more please...

I feel blessed because I have a wonderful Mum who is my best friend, sister and mother all wrapped up in one. I know so many talented, independent women who are chasing their dreams and living this life the best way they can. I can afford to live in my Green Cottage in a peaceful and safe environment.  Life is great! :)


P.S. In the top photo Melissa is wearing our Sienna dress in Navy stripe and in the second image she's wearing a previous style of Ava cardigan in Fern over an Amy dress in Slate.