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Meet Katie: from USA to AU

Meet Katie: from USA to AU

Was such a pleasure working with gorgeous redhead Katie.

She's travelled a long way for love and not just puppy love... the real deal.

Is that wedding bells we hear?


1. So we hear you grew up in Colorado. Do you have any memories you’d like to share?

Growing up there you are surrounded by natural beauty, mountains, wild flowers, wild life and all four seasons, sometimes in one day! 


2. And what brought you to Australia?

I fell in love with an Australian and after being long distance for 1.5years, decided to take a leap of faith and move. Paid off, we are getting married Oct 3rd!


3. What was the last thing that made you really smile?

There was a puppy in the courtyard and I sheepishly ask to pet it, to my delight the owner was very nice and it made my day to be able to cuddle and play with the ball of fluff.


4. Do you have an all time favourite chill out activity?

Listening to music with lyrics that make you think about the world around you.


5. What’s on the horizon for you in the next 12 months?

Marriage in October and hopefully getting my Australian Citizenship.


6. Anything else you’d like to share with us and the Lazybones peeps?

Lazybones selecting me to model for them has inspired me to continue to get out into the world so I can do what I love.


Katie wears Angela dress in Tigerlily