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Meet Emily: Zero waste ambassador

Meet Emily: Zero waste ambassador

Emily is such a stunning natural beauty!

And we just love what she is doing with her zero waste boutique in Paddington, Sydney. She's spent the last 7 years living and breathing sustainable fashion. 


1. Please tell us more about your store EKOLUV.

EKOLUV is a Zero waste boutique offering dress hire, secondhand and sustainable fashion. 
Customers have the option to rent an outfit for an event that they may only wear once, or re sell items that are laying around in their wardrobes, purchase secondhand and do all of this at only a fraction of the retail cost.
If customers do wish to buy new they can purchase from our range of sustainable or ethical brands. We aim to close the loop by providing people options to shop sustainably. We do this by making the most of and and prolonging the lifespan of fashion already in existence rather than buying new. This helps to divert waste from landfill, decrease the demand for new production and help save precious resources. 

2. What are you most passionate about right now?

Empowering women. I believe If you empower a woman you empower her community, one of the biggest issues we face in regards to sustainability is over population and it has been evident that when women are educated, given tools or resources to study or start a business as a result it has been seen that there is indeed a decrease in pollution in those areas where women have been empowered.
EKOLUV is driven by an authentic commitment to social justice and environmental responsibility.

3. In our shots you have no make up on and you look stunning. What’s your beauty secret? ;)

I’d say I generally eat quite healthy, I typically have a green smoothie everyday which keeps my gut in balance and my skin glowing. I’d say beauty starts on the inside so my tip is to start within and you’ll notice the changes on the outside too.
I also am a strong believer in a good skincare regime using natural and organic products. I don’t really wear makeup unless I have a shoot or event to attend. If you have great skin then you don’t really need to use much makeup. 

4. If you could change the world with a click of your fingers what would you choose to change?

The extreme gap between rich and poor in our society to become smaller, a more fair future for all, where everyone’s basic needs are met; food, shelter, clean water, sanitation and access to an education.

5. What is something that always manages to bring you joy, even on a difficult day?

My dog Sooty, he is just a ball of unconditional love.


Find Emily's store EKOLUV.
Emily wears Jean dress in Periwinkle (top image), Inna dress in Eclipse (2nd image) and Sofia dress in Delphinium (3rd image).


Emily wears Inna dress
Emily wears Sofia dress in Delphinium