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Meet Bryn - zen free diver

Meet Bryn - zen free diver

Bryn is a stunning woman originally from the US who calls Australia home.

She's passionate about the oceans where she spends time free diving.

Bryn wears fedora and Veronica top

What is freediving?
What do you love most about it?  

Freediving is the art of being underwater without the assistance of tanks or breathing equipment.

Aside from the natural high that comes from soaking in the ocean, freediving allows me to interact with unfamiliar life below the surface.

When I dive down, I'm able to teleport myself to a calm place free of thoughts.

It's truly like a rapid version of meditation. Depending on your breath-hold you could be in meditation anywhere from thirty seconds to five minutes at a time.

It's important to understand how much breath-holding relies on the mind versus physical ability.

Once your face is submerged in cold water, you begin a psychological change called the mammalian dive reflex. This is your body's natural response to survival and through this activation, your heart rate is lowered and non-essential muscles relax to conserve energy.

The dive reflex is not unique to humans, in fact, all mammals can access it.

Simply, it's the quickest way to enter your Zen state, and that is why I love it!

Bryn wears Monroe dress with square scarf in Blossom

So you were a Ferrari mechanic and have a head for cars. What is it you love about your 30-year-old Nissan?

Kind of... I went to school for mechanics and I worked for Ferrari, but never did I coincide the two.

My time at Ferrari was spent around the showroom and strategising marketing concepts.

My admiration for mechanics revolved around the time when I first bought my Nissan. It was still an old car then, almost 20 years old, and whatever was preventing it from being a fully functional driving machine was anyone's mystery.

I found myself motivated to enrol in automotive technology courses where I eventually graduated with an understanding of diagnostics and how to fix these problems.

I fell in love with Nissan because of the confidence I gained from taking the time to educate myself which resulted in eventually fixing the problem.

Where the mechanics and marketing paths cross is my love for problem-solving.

Bryn wears Doris top in White

We hear you ditched the expensive complicated stuff! What's your natural beauty routine?

America is a land of consumerism, and it's where I was lead to believe that I needed a monthly budget of $150 to trial skincare "miracles".

Moving to Australia, the land of eternal sunshine, I learned I just needed really good SPF to prevent skin ageing.

I spent time researching this and learned how many chemicals are in commercial sunscreen. These chemicals are not only bad for you but they are also very harmful to ocean life.

I eventually found SPF that provides a lot of transparency about their ingredients and uses zinc as a UV filter which is more effective against UVA and far less harmful for all of us. 

What's one thing we can do to help our oceans?


There is a multitude of impacts that our oceans face. From agricultural runoff and greenhouse gases to plastic and overfishing.

Understanding where these impacts originate gives us, the consumer, the power to choose the companies we support and which ones we don't.

Bryn wears Monroe dress

Do you have a daily ritual or practice to keep you centered in these uncertain times?

I try to balance active time with stationary work.

This amount of mixed focusing does not come naturally to me, but I try to answer these three questions...

1. What do I want?
2. How do I get there?
3. How do I stay on track?

By doing this, I have more clarity about what I'm setting out to achieve. 

Bryns wears Esma top & Ollie pant in Slate and Annie wears Rosita dress & Isabella jacket


Thanks for sharing Bryn x

Find Bryn on insta @gotbryn⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Photography by @camilatassinophotography⠀⠀⠀