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Join our sustainability journey

Join our sustainability journey

We've been wanting to share our sustainability journey with you for a while now.

Finally we have some lovely pics and exciting news for you :)

We've been working with a fair trade certified factory in India for some time. We were excited to visit them and inspect the factories to see where so many of our clothing and bedding items are made.

We were so impressed with their set-up and overall professionalism. We look forward to bringing you many more items that are sustainably made.

If you're familiar with us here at Lazybones, then you'll be aware of how important the natural world and her wonders are to us.

We're so excited that you're joining us on this journey and look forward to keeping you informed of the big and little steps we're making to take care of our beautiful planet and the people who call it home.

Every positive action helps!!

Audrey dress cutters

Audrey dress pieces sewn together

Pressing our Brooke jacket