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Celebrating International Women's day Lazybones style

Celebrating International Women's day Lazybones style

To celebrate and acknowledge International Women's Day here at Lazybones, we asked the question...

Which inspiring woman would you want to have a cuppa with and why?

Tracey - CEO and Creative Director

I choose Frances McDormand because I think she looks like she would have a lot of great stories to tell!  I love how natural and down to earth she is, even in the glamorous world of acting.  She seems to stay true to herself and have a damn good time along the way.

And that cuppa might have a little nip of something else in it as well!

Virginia - Designer

I would choose Madeline Vionett if she was still alive today. She was the inventor of the bias cut and helped to revolutionise woman’s fashion, liberating the body from stays and corsets. I would love to watch her draping on one of her miniature mannequins and learn from such a great innovator.

Claire - Production Manager

Dawn French, as it would be a down to earth good giggle!

Erin - Graphic Designer

I'd have a cuppa with Mirka Mora. I love her free and unpretentious painting style and her curiosity about mythology and sexuality. I'm sure she'd have some wild stories to tell of her life and adventures. She seems to have a spirit of fun and wickedness that would make for an interesting catch up.

Lisa - Accountant

I’d love to have a cuppa with Lyn White, the head of Animals Australia. As an animal lover myself I think this woman is amazing. She is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost animal advocates. I would ask her what we as a society can do to educate everyone around the world how we can wrap our arms around all creatures furry and scaly to show them ever lasting love.  

Mandy - Wholesale Manager

I choose my sister.  She continually inspires and amazes me with the achievements in her life, from her music to her roller blading career overseas and then to her art - her beautiful and gentle watercolour paintings, her outstanding mothering and all the time living with a chronic illness.  She is the most positive, kind, wise, patient and humble person I know.  

I would also choose my daughter, Lily who is nearly 14. Lily is growing into a very strong, independent and fierce young woman.  Lily as a grown woman will not be afraid to speak her mind and will be very protective of those she loves and won’t be afraid to show it.  A kind and compassionate woman with great causes she will speak out against.  She will follow her dreams... 

Melissa - Online Sales & Customer Service Manager

I would sit down to tea with 3 people in particular. Firstly, Miles Franklin, she wanted more for herself in an era where women were expected just to marry well, have children and behave themselves.  She wrote My Brilliant Career, was a feminist and left her legacy to establish the Miles Franklin Award for Australian Writers, still one of our most prestigious awards.

Joanna Gaines is creating quite an empire in Waco, Texas with her interior design company. Google 'Fixer Upper' to see what she and her husband do. She is self-taught, a mother of 4 with another on the way and has a generous loving heart.  I admire her because she is living her dreams and gives so much back to her community. 

I would also love to be able to sit down to tea with my Grandma Brittan.  She is no longer with us but I wish I had had more time to sit with her as an older woman and learn from her beautiful heart.  She lost her husband and 2 of her boys in tragic circumstances and spent most of her life living alone but had so much faith.  She never said an unkind word and always had a beautiful smile and soft hands.  My mum is a lot like her :)


Top photo by Anete Lusina on Unsplash