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Design notes - Anise print

Design notes - Anise print

Introducing our new Design Notes section
We love to share some of the background, inspiration and general info for each new item so starting from this new range, we will have a little section on each web page giving you some of the goss on each style. Feedback always welcome!

Stephanie Dress in ANISE
Anise is our brand new border print and shown here in a new dress style too.
We designed Stephanie to showcase both the gorgeous floral section in the print and also the rich copper brown base colour.  We wanted a dress that could easily be worn under cardigans and jackets or even have a long sleeve tee underneath.

And the good news for Laura dress fans is that we have a small run of Laura arriving in this new Anise print in the next week or so.

Ava cardigan Turmeric
This is the fourth colour incarnation for this popular cardi.
We love the texture and weight of this cotton yarn so have made it into a very easy to wear, vintage inspired little cardi that works well over dresses or with jeans.  We have thought about changing the style but it is such a classic, easy to wear shape that we have decided to stick with it for a while longer.

We would love to make some more and were thinking to re-introduce the lovely forest green and dark blue we made last year.
Give us a hoy if you would like to see either of them return.

Ava cardigan in Turmeric

Leoni skirt in ANISE
We found an original 50s skirt which became the inspiration for Leoni.  We particularly loved the detailing on the waistband and have incorporated that into this skirt.  We often hunt for original pieces to inspire us.  Our studio has many beautiful vintage pieces just waiting for their return to the spotlight.

Alexa Top
This lovely white cotton voile top was designed to provide a versatile light top to go with our new skirts and jeans.  We wanted something that had texture - it has lots of white embroidery on the front and back - but was also very easy to wear.  A real staple.

We often use embroidery patterns that we adapt from antique and vintage pieces we find.