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Deep diving with Sarah

Deep diving with Sarah

We've been enchanted by Sarah who has come in to do some modelling for our most recent collections.

She brings with her a contagious smile and a bright vibe which we love.

We dove a little deeper into Sarah's world.

Sarah Potter underwater

1. You’ve got some beautiful underwater photos on instagram. Can you tell us more about that shoot?

Oh, thank you so much!

The underwater images are from three shoots I was fortunate to work on with Brisbane based photographer Robert Brown. It was such a challenging but wonderful experience.

The partnered shoot was by far the hardest but landed us in Italian Vogue so that was a pretty amazing reward. 'Learning to drown' as Rob puts it is no easy feat!


2. You sing too! What style of music is your favourite, and do you have an all time fave song to sing?

Yes! Music is my first love.

I have sung since I was a little girl and though I have sung in everything from choirs to rock bands blues will always have a special place in my heart. There are too many wonderful artists to pick a favourite tune but any song of Bessie Smith's is always a winner.


3. Your daily mantra

I don't have one particular mantra I stick to as life is always changing and I like to flow with that but my focus is always to be kind. (Imagine if the entire world was kind not just to others and the planet, but to themselves. What a place it would be.)


4. If you could be anywhere doing anything with anyone right now what would that be?

Such a hard question!

While living in London I spent a lot of time in Europe and was so sad that I never made it to Italy.

A picnic by the sea with my man in Positano, natural wine in hand, would undoubtedly be a very happy place for me. I better make sure he sees this interview! Haha.


5. What’s the secret to your bright and happy vibe?

I try to focus on the positive, have fun and share that intention. Social media can be so deceptive. We are all human and have days where we want to just curl up and hide under the doona. Each evening I think of all the things I am grateful for and it reminds me that life is pretty wonderful. If I have food, shelter, health and occasionally Lazybones clothing on my back, I am pretty fortunate indeed.


Sarah wears Teresa dress in Moody

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Teresa dress in Moody