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Climate Council - do good feel good

Climate Council - do good feel good

Here at Lazybones we are big fans of our planet.

We love nature so much that if we could squeeze mother nature in a big hug we would.

As that's a little hard to do (apart from in our imaginations!) we wanted to fundraise for the Climate Council.

Climate Council

Who are the Climate Council?

An independent voice on climate change.

They get climate stories into the media, produce hard-hitting reports, call out misinformation as they see it and promote climate solutions such as the transition to renewables.

The Climate Council is Australia’s leading climate change communications organisation. They provide authoritative, expert advice to the public on climate change, energy solutions and international action, based on the most up-to-date science available. 

They’re made up of some of the country’s leading climate scientists, energy, health and policy experts, as well as a dedicated team of staff, and a huge community of volunteers and supporters who underpin their work.

It was pretty special to be able to donate to this group of dedicated people.

Find out more about the Climate Council here >



So recently we had a "do good feel good sale" and raised $1800 so this organisation can continue to do great work for our planet.