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Andrea: Jewellery designer, model & biologist

Andrea: Jewellery designer, model & biologist

We delved a little deeper into Andrea's story and discovered a beautiful multi-faceted woman.

Her love of nature has inspired her to create unique pieces of jewellery as featured with our Athena dress in Black.


1. Where do you call home?

Even with all the rocky road I had to walk back there. Colombia is where my roots are, and it will always be considered my main home. Even though, Australia has been an amazing experience for me and I can’t describe how enriching this place has been for my spirit and my character.


2. As well as modelling, you are a jewellery designer, what inspires your creations?

I’m a lot into nature related designs ... I usually involve stones in my designs as well due to what they represent energetically.


3. And we hear you are a biologist too… How does this skill manifest in your world?

I just have this huge curiosity for all living creatures. I still remember the feeling of getting that knowledge of everything in nature being perfect. Evolution is just something mind blowing and every single organism on this earth has it's beautiful and never meaningless function.


4. What in your life are you currently most grateful for?

Currently definitely Australia.


5. Your daily mantra

Be resilient. Be brave. And be beautiful. I don’t know where is this quote from but since I read it I loved it and it inspires me.


Andrea wears her Starburst necklace with Athena dress in Black

Find Andrea's handmade jewellery here