Tooth powder - Organic Turmeric & Wild Orange

Tooth powder - Organic Turmeric & Wild Orange

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Super refreshing tooth powders are a 100% natural tooth paste alternative!

This is Organic Turmeric & Wild Orange flavour.

Containing effective, gentle & antibacterial ingredients to help promote oral health, cleaner teeth and a naturally whiter smile whilst naturally strengthening enamel and detoxifying your mouth without the use of chemicals or added nasties.

Plant power all the way!

How to use it? It's simple :)
1. Wet toothbrush
2. Dip bristles into the powder
3. Brush teeth, gums and tongue gently
4. Spit and rinse

50g / 1.76 oz

Love Beauty Foods is an Australian natural beauty company that is all about living your best life.

They create natural and organic products using pure and powerful ingredients that will have you looking great and feeling confident - without the use of any preservatives, chemicals or other nasties!

Made in Australia