Lavender Coconut Soap

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Fluffy lathering lush body cleansing soap.

All natural ingredients
Gift wrapped in our offcuts of organic cotton prints.

Coconut Cream offers many health benefits when consumed internally and also as a soap formulation, with the real benefits coming from the good oils in the ingredients. The lauric acid naturally present in organic virgin coconut oil and coconut cream helps make a harder soap bar, while also contributing to deep cleansing and a big fluffy lather.

Shea & cacao butters, Coconut, Olive & Macadamia oils deeply penetrate and moisturise leaving your skin smooth & soft.

Mineral colours provide the natural hue for this bar.

Lavender Essential Oil provides a relaxing scent.

This soap is well suited to people with an allergy to dairy products or those who prefer products made with vegetable, mineral and botanical ingredients only.

All natural product and the ingredients are renewable and biodegradable.



INGREDIENTS: Saponified oils (olive, coconut, shea butter, macadamia, cacao butter, castor oil), coconut cream, lavender essential oil, purple Brazilian clay.