Helen Sharp garland *organic cotton

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This garland features water colour sketches by Helen Sharp from her book "Watercolour sketches of plants of North America and Europe" 1888 - 1910 via the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Designed in Australia
Made in Indonesia

Helen Sharp was a botanical artist who produced 8 watercolour albums which include about 1,000 compositions drawn between 1888-1910. In her compositions, Sharp also included background pencil sketches depicting flowering plants, leaves, or seeds, as well as labels with Latin botanical and common names, geographic locations, and dates.

These beautiful images have been made available by the generous Biodiversity Heritage Library open access project.

Some more about Helen from the BHL website.

"Sharp's talent was recognised during her lifetime. In the early 1890s, she served as a classroom assistant for a teacher training program in botany, organised by the Boston Society of Natural History. She was elected a member of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1898 and exhibited her works at the Boston Society of Natural History, Boston Public Library, and Brookline Public Library.
The first 16 albums contain sketches of plants from Sharp's native New England. She also traveled throughout Europe and Bermuda, and plants from these regions are the subject of albums 17 and 18 respectively."

Each image is digitally printed onto organic cotton sateen, cut into little flags with a raw and stitched edge and sewn into a flag garland.

Hand made in Australia. 

Total length 1m/3.2 ft 

The images are in the public domain and are all sourced from the generous open access schemes from various wonderful museums.   This is an excellent initiative that opens up so many beautiful images to be seen and enjoyed again.