Eclectic Necklace

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Vintage Swarovski crystal cicada, enhanced with 24 carat gold, with a vintage French medallion and 16 carat gold eye sun joined with a golden heart.

On a vintage Gucci chain.

The Crystal Cicada is a stunning rare Aurora Borealis crystal, that even though it is clear, has a wonderful rainbow effect of reflection to the cut.

Coupled with a 12 carat gold plated French Republic medallion depicting Marianne the Goddess of Liberty and a 16 carat gold filled sun eye and heart.

Chain length: 69cm
Pendant Cicada Length: 5cm
Pendant Cicada Width: 2 cm
Pendant Cicada Depth: 1.5cm

Ghost and Lola create glamorous and exquisitely detailed handcrafted one-off creations.

Handmade in Northern NSW, Australia