Opal Hoop Earrings

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These mysterious, beautiful opal hoop earrings are made from double terminated polished opalised quartz stones suspended from vintage golden hoops. 

It was thought by the ancients that the beauty of the opal shows that it traps both fire and lightening. The ruler of Ancient Rome, Mark Antony sought out opal jewellery to gift his famous lover, the Queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra.

Opals have the ability to reflect an impressive array of colours.

The ear hoops are vintage brass, carefully polished and combined with the London Museums wax polish to ensure their colour retains its golden shade.

Surgical steel ear post.

Earrings have 3.5cm hoop diameter, total drop 5.5cm, opal width is 2cm 

Ghost and Lola create glamorous and exquisitely detailed handcrafted one-off creations.

Handmade in Northern NSW, Australia