Enchanted Necklace

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Handmade in Australia from a beautifully ornate vintage Byzantine chain with a stunning "Seer" quartz crystal stone encased in 18 carat gold.

The Seer stones are created naturally in creeks and were used by the ancients to tell the future.

The stone has a tumbled surround and is carefully hand carved to reveal the incredible inner world of the crystal.

The ancients prized these stones and used them for seeing into the future and speaking with the saints.

Matinee length necklace is perfect for everyone.

Chain length approx 25cm
Pendant is 2.5 cm to 3cm diameter approx (size of seeker stone may vary due to its natural state)

    Ghost and Lola create glamorous and exquisitely detailed handcrafted one-off creations.

    Handmade in Northern NSW, Australia